2021 – A Year of Hope, A Time of Healing


The New Year is often seen as a lighthouse for new beginnings and new possibilities. A time where mistakes of the past year become the lessons for the future. For some, it is a victory lap for overcoming the impossible. It is a new chapter waiting to be written. January 1st represents moments of hope,

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Why I Got Into Concierge Medicine


It feels like every week the world becomes a little more upside-down and inside out. What do we believe? Who do we believe? How do we make the simple day to day decisions that once took mere seconds have now extended into days? When will the vaccine be ready? Will a vaccine be ready? Where

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Giving Back During COVID-19


Two months. That is how long it has been since life threw us into a sea of unknowns.  With the destruction of our normalcy and the alienation of our basic need for human touch, the Coronavirus has left behind a trail of unforgiving reminders of disbelief and shock.  But even still, from the depths of

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COVID-19: One Month Later


I can’t believe it has been just ONE month since every conversation, every thought, and every move of our life has fallen mercy to this bully we call COVID-19. Could we have ever imagined this is how we would be living life, at least for a short time anyway? Just when we feel we have understood

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Dr. Raman’s Thoughts On COVID-19


With this surreal reality of life, it would very difficult to not talk about the elephant in the room. Although “this elephant” is invisible to the naked eye, it has made its presence known in all eight corners of the world. A virus that has been mocked for being named after a beer, the Coronavirus, also

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Dr. Raman’s Top 6 Health Documentaries


When you graduate medical school and residency, no one tells you that the ten years spent in academics is not at all what real life would look like. Let me clarify. I am a total geeked out nerd. I love reading. I love spending Saturday nights deep in rumination about things I think I know that

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Dr. Raman’s Favorite Holiday Recipe


I remember a time when the only place you could find me was in the kitchen.  No silly…..it wasn’t because I was eating all the time, it was because I loved feeding others. I still do. In 2014 in a matter of months, I developed sudden food allergies to delicacies I used to love to

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Give The Gift of Health


Why not consider giving the gift of health this year? We all know that the spirit of the holiday is anchoring into gratitude but nevertheless, the gifts that need to be purchased can sometimes weigh down our spirits. While keeping true to the idea of getting healthy, I thought it would be fun to combine the

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Why I Became A Doctor


Do You Know Why Your Doctor Became A Doctor? Each month as I sit down to write my blog, I often contemplate what I want to write about that will impact at least one person. Sometimes I will pick topics based on that month’s medical research, or disease of the month or just topics I

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Why Personalized Medicine?


Ask Yourself These Questions: Can your doctor see you today? Has your doctor ever spent an hour with you? Do you have your doctor's cell phone number? Has the office staff returned your calls immediately? Have you ever waited less than 5 minutes to be seen by your doctor? Have you ever left your doctor's

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