Natural Ways To Raise And Maintain Your Immune System


Eight months into 2020, Covid has become a household name. However we cannot forget the other virus that visits us every winter, Influenza A & B. Public health officials have been warning us since March that this winter will be the year of the double virus whammy, but what does this mean for us and

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The Benefits of Acupuncture


The idea of needles inserted throughout your body for pain relief may make the hair on the back of your neck run for cover. What if these needles inserted in very strategic locations could actually help cure symptoms that modern medicine couldn’t? I am talking about the science of acupuncture. The International Academy of Medical Acupuncture

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How To Balance Hormones Naturally


It seems like just when I have the hormonal pathways figured out I am gently reminded of how much I don’t know. To me, that is the beauty of trying to understand a system that continues to elude us. The learning is endless. In my previous blogs, I have discussed the varying components to hormones.

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Natural Remedies For Allergies


As I sat down to write this month’s blog on natural remedies for allergies, I thought, “That’s easy. Stay indoors. Move out of St. Louis.” Done. That’s the easiest blog I have ever written. Nothing can be that simple, right? As always, it is important to understand what is happening on a cellular level before

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6 Tips For Healthy Zen Living


You know the saying “prevention is better than cure”? Well, in this month’s blog, we will be discussing prevention from a whole new perspective: it's called healthy zen living. It will take us to a level that is so deep, that healing can only be understood by experiencing the change. As I took advantage of these

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The Many Benefits of Yoga & How It Changed My Life


Two years ago if you would have told me yoga was one of the best kept secrets around, I would have laughed at that notion. Fast forward two years later, and I am here to tell you yoga is in fact ONE of the greatest hidden treasures of our time. Not only has it taken my fitness

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Ways to Effectively Manage Holiday Stress Without Medication


It’s that time of year again; that whirlwind holiday season of parties, baking, and gift-giving. While this season is supposed to be about love and family, it is also the cause of stress for many people. More than 80% of people find the holidays to be a very stressful time, but what is it about

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Holistic Remedies You May Not Be Aware Of


With so much media attention casting shadows to Dr.Oz’s recent claims of supplements to aid in weight loss, the question of how much is real and how much is marketing ponders upon each of us. Before turmeric was sold in capsules, had you ever wondered where it really came from? Before green tea boasted of

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