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Dr. Raman and her staff uphold the philosophy that healing is truly a team effort. We are always available to answer any questions or help in any way. When you are in need, we are there. Phone calls are returned immediately, appointments are readily available, and our dedication to your healing is of utmost importance to us.

We know and understand that when you are not well, the last thing needed is the anxiety of being on hold. We have an open door policy and ALWAYS welcome any questions, comments, or concerns.

Concierge Healthcare

What is Concierge Healthcare?2023-04-05T21:41:08+00:00

Dr. Raman offers quality healthcare in which she devotes greater time to the patient’s individual needs. Each symptom and treatment plan are approached with detailed precision. Symptoms are never dismissed as a diagnosis, but rather you will work together as a team to identify and address the root cause of the symptoms. Dr. Raman teaches patients that they truly hold the power in their own healing. Using a blend of Eastern and Western medicine, you too will experience the benefits of holistic healing while utilizing modern day resources.

What are the advantages of being part of Dr. Raman’s Concierge Healthcare Practice?2023-04-09T15:38:53+00:00

You will receive personalized healthcare from Dr. Raman as your primary physician. You will have access to our office 24/7 via the patient portal. At the time of your appointment, you will be brought to an examination room with no wait times. Appointments will be available within 24-48 hours of calling the office (acute illness will take priority). All office visits include extended appointment times of 45-60 minutes. You can be reassured that all of your concerns will be addressed without the rush. With us, you are not just another patient on the schedule, you are our priority.

Is a Concierge Healthcare Practice for me?2023-04-09T15:39:21+00:00

Yes! Concierge care is for anyone who demands a higher quality of healthcare, whether it be timeliness of scheduling, attention afforded during appointments, security and trust in a primary care physician dedicated to your health goals or necessity for chronic condition care that determines your needs.

How can Dr. Raman spend more time with me than my current doctor?2023-01-22T18:36:17+00:00

Dr. Raman has limited her program to 400 patients instead of 3000 patients like a traditional medical practice would carry. When this limit is reached, anyone wishing to be her patient is placed on a waiting list. This allows her to give you the personalized health care that you deserve.

Is Lunaris accepting new patients for the Concierge Healthcare practice?2023-04-09T17:25:31+00:00

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients and look forward to being part of your wellness journey. To become a new patient, please complete the process detailed here: Become A New Patient

Does Lunaris accept patients that are not participants in the Concierge Healthcare program?2023-04-09T17:27:02+00:00

Due to the amount of time Dr. Raman invests in each patient in the Concierge Healthcare program, Lunaris does not currently accept healthcare patients that are not members of the Concierge Healthcare program. Other services, such as aesthetics services and holistic healing programs, are available to anyone, whether a member or nonmember.

Are there family discounts?2023-04-09T17:29:39+00:00

Dr. Raman believes each person, irrespective of age or degree of health ailments, deserves the same time and effort into their care. Therefore, the program fees are standard for each individual.


What other services does Dr. Raman offer?2023-01-22T18:38:32+00:00

Dr. Raman also offers aesthetic procedures, Pranic Healing therapy, 1-1 guided meditation, in certain cases personal training and nutritional counseling. There is an additional cost to these services and not inclusive of the program fees. The services will not be submitted to your insurance plans and HSA cards are not accepted.

Do you have to be part of the Lunaris Concierge Healthcare program to enjoy the ancillary services?2023-04-09T18:10:24+00:00

No. Anyone is welcome to schedule an appointment. If during the treatment process, Dr. Raman feels that your conditions require medical input, she will request follow-up with your regular physician. If you are not part of Dr. Raman’s practice, no medical advice will be given. Please refrain from any courtesy questions during these sessions.

Insurance & Billing

What is the cost to participate in Dr. Raman’s Concierge Healthcare Practice?2023-04-09T15:37:58+00:00

We offer monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options. For approximately $5/day, the price of a Starbucks coffee, you can be assured your investment in your health will yield life-long dividends. Call our office today to get started!

Will my medical insurance or Medicare cover the program fees?2023-01-22T18:41:36+00:00

No. This fee will not be covered by any insurance plan. The program fees for Dr. Raman’s practice are out of pocket.

Will this fee be covered by my Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA) or Cafeteria Plan?2023-01-22T18:42:05+00:00

Please check with your carrier. We have found that many plans will allow you to use those pre-tax dollars to cover the annual fee.

Will Dr. Raman still bill for my medical visits?2023-01-22T18:42:49+00:00

Yes. Dr. Raman will bill all office visits and in-office procedures to your insurance company. All copays and insurance balances are the patient’s responsibility. Patients are also responsible for any balances incurred through outside facilities that Dr. Raman may refer to as part of your treatment plan (i.e. labs, imaging or other diagnostic testing). No portion of the program fees may be applied to these charges.

Everyone has questions when it comes to their health. We’re here to help you! If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact us.


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