Holistic Healing

Healing Using The Mind-Body Connection

The Art Of Healing From Within

Holistic medicine is based on the belief that all components of one’s body are interconnected. Good health occurs when every organ and system is functioning properly. Any imbalance can increase the risk of illness and disease. Holistic healing understands the importance of one’s mind, body, soul, and emotions, and how they interact with one another to improve the overall health and well-being of an individual.

What if medicine were able to go beyond repair? What if we could stop a disease from manifesting?

We can treat cancer, but can we prevent it? Yes. It is possible. To try and even understand is to try and remain open. What we see as the exterior human body is a badge of armor and a shell of protection for the real meaning of health.

It is important to understand that by the time a disease manifests as symptoms, imbalances in our energy fields and chakras has already taken place.

So, while today we say, “let’s treat symptom X or disease Y” before it gets worse, we believe we are practicing preventative medicine. In reality, we are in damage control because the disease state has manifested long before symptoms even began. When medications fail to work or lead to more distress than relief, that is not practicing medicine, that is eroding the systems further.

Modern medicine has given us so much, but what if ancient medicinal practices takes us back?

Healing from inside-out, from root to crown, tapping into our own internal resources is true healthcare. We all remain students of this great art. There is much to learn, so much to be discovered. We have understood a microcosm of the large macro. The power is within us, the resources are abundant in its natural unfiltered state. We have to learn to tap into it.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine has been used for thousands of years to promote healing and wellness. It uses natural methods to correct deficiencies, balance body systems, and promote good health by focusing on the whole person rather than just treating the symptoms. Holistic practitioners work with their patients to develop plans to help heal the mind, body, and soul and promote wellness. These whole-body treatment approaches help improve the patient’s overall health, alleviate stress, and diminish pain. Whether an individual is dealing with the common cold or facing a serious medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or menopause, holistic medicine can help in overcoming illness or preventing disease.

Benefits & Outcomes

Dr. Raman’s Thoughts On Holistic Healing

It is easy to understand why some would be skeptical of a healing technique they can’t see. I was too. I am a person of science. I needed data. I needed tangible proof that healing was occurring. I looked for improvements in lab results and in a patient’s quality of life. As I began studying various energy healing techniques, I began applying it to those around me, family, friends, pets and even patients. The results have been incredible. I needed no further data than that.

Although there are many types of holistic healing treatments, I have found these three to be the most successful:

Pranic Healing©

Pranic Healing© comes from two words: Prana, which means vital energy, and Healing. Pranic Healing© is a no-touch therapy system that is used in conjunction with medical treatments to help physical and psychological ailments. It is a scientific-based systematic approach to healing. Long before an illness manifests in your physical body, it manifests in your energy body. With regular Pranic Healing© treatments, diseases can be prevented before showing up on the body.

  Dr. Raman is trained in Basic, Advanced, Crystal, Psychotherapy, Psychic Self-Defense and Self-Healing Pranic Therapy.

“Based on the Law of Correspondence, what affects this energy field, affects the physical body too; that is also how dirty energies, thoughts, and emotions develop into poor physical health. The chakras, basically, are responsible for the proper functioning of the vital, internal organs. They receive energy from the surroundings and expel the used-up energy back into the surroundings. So when the chakras start malfunctioning because of contamination or obstruction in the flow of energy, and accumulation of negative thoughts and emotions, they adversely affect the organs under their control. In the long run, we end up having a disease.”
Source: GlobalPranicHealing.com

Sessions: 60 minutes

Single or multi session packs are available; call 636-777-8058 for pricing.

Sessions are available in person or virtually and are available to both members & non-members of Dr. Raman’s Concierge Practice.


“The strongest positive effects are evident for brain structure and function, immune responses, mental health, chronic pain, and sleep. Numerous psychoneuroimmunology measures have also been evaluated for mindfulness meditation demonstrating improvements in immune and endocrine markers (Pascoe et al., 2017).

Source: Progress in Brain Research,  Volume 244, 2019, Pages 1-29

  Dr. Raman is trained in Transcendental Meditation and offers 1-1 guided meditation and group meditation sessions.

Duration: 60 minutes

Both private & group sessions are available to both members & non-members of Dr. Raman’s Concierge Practice.

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Neurofeedback is a safe and controlled technique used to retrain the brain’s conditioned thought and behavioral patterns. Using visual, auditory, tactile stimulation, the nervous system is brought into homeostasis. By down regulating and up regulating areas in the brain, the nervous system achieves balance, resulting in less cellular inflammation and greater end organ healing.

“Neurofeedback is based on two facts: (1) the brain state (including any dysfunction or dysregulation) is objectively reflected in parameters of EEG recorded from the scalp, (2) the human brain has plasticity to memorize the desired (and thereby, rewarded) state of the brain.
The aim of neurofeedback is to normalize a pathologically abnormal EEG pattern. So, if there is an excess of some EEG parameter in a particular patient and in particular location in the cortex, the aim of the neurofeedback is to train this parameter DOWN, if there is a lack of some other EEG characteristic, the corresponding neurofeedback parameter is trained UP”.

Source: Methods of Neurotherapy,  Juri D. Kropotov, in Quantitative EEG, Event-Related Potentials and Neurotherapy, 2009

Many facilities with certified professionals are available throughout the US. Check your local listings.

*Disclaimer: Before proceeding with Neurofeedback treatments, please discuss with your physician and any associated risks with certain medical conditions.