September Is “Healthy Aging Month”, How Do You Feel You Are Aging?

Each minute of each day, as time ticks, we are that much older. And contrary to belief, getting older can bring some of the best days of your life! Don’t let those two little numbers define the power of you!

Remember the saying “prevention is better than cure?” Well, if those words ever had any meaning, it is right now.

While we can’t control every aspect of our life, we must be accountable for those things that we do have the power to change. Ask yourself the question everyday “Am I doing enough for myself so I can become the best version of me?” If you can’t answer yes with full conviction, then it is time to just stop and reexamine your priorities.

Healthy aging is not just about physically taking care of yourself. But how do you feel mentally, emotionally ,financially and spiritually?

Celebrate the years you have lived and await the golden days that are yet to come.

As we wait, what can you do right now, in this moment to feel complete.

Here are a few things to take in as the light inside each of us unfolds into the glory of a new dawn.

  1. Exercise -Proven over and over and over to be the greatest therapy anyone can experience. Build up to the intensity as you tolerate it. The body can do anything the mind tells it to. Go for a simple walk and you will just see how strong you really are. A 1 hr workout is 4% of your day. Make it happen. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.
  2. Detox your life -Who are the negative people that drain you? Are they helping you become a better person? Do you leave their presence in a more negative space ? Then you don’t need another cloud to rain on your parade.
  3. Smile -How many times during the day do you turn that frown upside down? The best curve on a body is the smile! Use it ! The world needs more of it! Did you know a smile can use up to 15 different facial muscles!
  4. Get your physical -I cannot emphasize that enough. We are all bombarded with a “to do” list and somehow, health always ends up last and often times doesn’t even make the list. Let me just say, if you want to continue to do all those things on your list, then put yourself first. It is very selfish not too.
  5. Embrace your inner child -skip from one room to another in your home. You will feel light and uplifted. Laugh and giggle – laughing can burn 15-40 calories every 15 minutes. Watch those childhood cartoons. This takes you back to simpler times.
  6. Let the little things go -Pick your battles. In the long run, it doesn’t matter. Things always workout.
  7. Create your bucket list-A lot of times we think our dreams are silly or can never become a reality. How do you know if you don’t even try? Putting it in black and white, makes things very real. What is the saying….”Shoot for the sky and even if you miss, you will be among the stars.” Don’t live with the regret….”If only I would have……”
  8. Don’t act your age -Embrace your age! You are what you make of your life. We are all met with challenges but if things don’t challenge you, they won’t change you.

Life is a precious token that has more value than a ticking clock. YOU are a priority because there are many many people in your life that need the presence of YOU to make them a better person. Be accountable to your power and remove anything that makes you feel less than.

That my friends is healthy aging! Until next month, wishing you peace, health and well-being!

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