Artificial Sweeteners – Not the Lesser Of Two Evils


There is no way around it. We love our sugar fix. Americans on average consume 20 tsp of sugar a day. A 12 ounce can of regular soda holds 39 gm of sugar, that’s 10-12 tsp of pure toxins. So do artificial sweeteners offer another healthier option? Artificial sweeteners are often times called “intense sweeteners” because

Artificial Sweeteners – Not the Lesser Of Two Evils2023-04-27T19:50:42+00:00

Common Ingredients You Should Avoid


You know those big long words on the bottom of the food label that we can barely pronounce? Well therein those words lies the root of our suffering. Previously, I have written extensively on the effects of gluten on the body. Now I want to dive into how some of the most frequently used chemicals in our

Common Ingredients You Should Avoid2023-04-23T16:28:35+00:00
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