How Hormones Affect Hair, Skin & Nails


Hormones can have a major affect on your hair, skin and nails. Skin, the single largest organ in the human body readily tells the story of what is really going on beneath those layers.   Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?   Hair loss in clumps or strands Slow or no hair growth Thinning

How Hormones Affect Hair, Skin & Nails2023-04-23T16:48:22+00:00

Diabetes: Balancing Nutrition and Hormones for Better Health


While the media was recently heaping attention on the few people in the United States who had been exposed to or infected by the Ebola virus, a condition which is approaching true epidemic proportions continues to affect more than 20 million Americans. Type 2 diabetes currently affects nearly 8% of the U.S. population and new

Diabetes: Balancing Nutrition and Hormones for Better Health2023-04-27T20:01:38+00:00

From A to Zinc


This month truly focuses on one of the most critical elements to our functioning. You can’t walk through an isle of a store without coming face to face with one supplement or another. Each one promising to be the miracle cure for all of your ailments. But how much has science really proven the benefits

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