About Lunaris

Created To Provide Health & Balance

The Lunaris Story

Lunaris is a symbol of healing and a platform where that healing begins.  The physical body cannot heal if the mind is fractured, and the soul is silent. I am frequently asked why I chose the name Lunaris. When we look at the moon, we see an iridescent reflection of ourselves. We see the phases of our life. We follow the path which lights the way. The moon is the backdrop for which the stars shine brighter. It is the home for all things light and for all things dark. It exists without fear of the unknown. It just is.

Each phase serves a purpose, a story, a lesson. Our eyes only see the light, but it is what we don’t see that holds the true magic. Much like how we are. We live anchored in our physical bodies. We think through the portal of our minds. And we believe through the lens of our souls. When we are not aligned in all three aspects, we feel imbalanced. We begin to see only the darkness in us. We begin to feel that we are not enough. Our bodies begin to dissociate and dismantle.

This is where health issues arise. The disease state is nothing more than a manifestation of the perceived disconnection of the body-mind-soul. We begin to believe the stories we have created and convince ourselves we are only parts of the whole, never complete. We see only the shadows of our imperfections. We lose sight of who we really are. Just the same, the moon also goes through periods of darkness, but the difference is it never forgets that it is complete and whole in EVERY phase.

Once we see diseases for what it is, we too will heal in our totality.


That is our purpose and mission at Lunaris Health & Wellness.

Key Team Members

Dr. Raman

Dr. Gayathri Raman created Lunaris Health & Wellness as the realization of her dream to provide a place to help others discover complete wellness by integrating functional medicine with holistic practices, creating a balance of mind-body-soul health.

Chris Stone

Chris has been working with Dr. Raman as medical assistant/secretary since 2015 and enjoys the quiet atmosphere in our new location as well as learning new things to enhance the care of our patients. In her spare time, Chris enjoys walking her two dogs, playing with her three cats and riding horses. Chris is a diehard Cardinals fan, but also enjoys Blues hockey and watching post-season football. Chris has one daughter who is college bound to the University of Central Florida in Orlando to study architecture. Chris and her daughter are both “Disney Nuts” with high hopes that her daughter will one day be designing for Disney. Chris is always ready and willing to facilitate communication between Dr. Raman and her patients to meet their medical needs and work toward patients’ goals of achieving and maintaining good health.

Our Services

Personalized care when you need it

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Healing using the mind-body connection

Healthy inside and out